School Greenhouse

completed greenhouseAfter a great final effort, our recycled plastic bottle greenhouse has now been completed. We have been able to incorporate a quantity of the plastic bottles, recently cleared from Larne loughside. We have informed Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful of this project so they can include in their current “Big Spring Clean” promotion.

Our greenhouse made from recycled plastic bottles has been completed.
The staff and pupils are thrilled with the greenhouse and maybe even hope to cultivate some crops. Huge thanks to the staff of Larne Borough Council for all their help and the Larne Borough Council Parks Department who supplied 2 dozen onion sets, 2 dozen broad beans, pansies and growbags, so pupils may plant in earnest!

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We are pleased to inform you all that St. MacNissi’s Primary School has achieved their Green Flag – the highest level in the Eco-Schools Award Scheme. We now join 5 other schools within the Borough who have already gained this status. Larne Borough Council celebrated the success of St. MacNissi’s Primary School in the Tidy N.I. Eco School Award Scheme at a reception, on Tuesday 18th June 2013 hosted by the new Larne Mayor, Maureen Morrow. We would like to thank the school council for all their hard work throughout the year, and also to the Eco-Schools co-ordinator Mrs Higgins and to the Education Officer at Larne Borough Council Mr Tapster, for all his assistance. Our Eco-Flag is now proudly on display in the school car park!Eco-Flag