Eco Council

Tree planting in Carnfunnock

On Thursday 28th November 2019 some of our eco-committee were invited to Carnfunnock Country Park to take part in their annual tree planting season.

Trees are crucial for our wildlife. Many of our native insects, birds and other animals would find it difficult to survive without the food and shelter that they provide. Some trees are planted for timber production and others are used as wood fuel. Trees can also help prevent soil erosion and flooding.

The staff at Carnfunnock have introduced 12 red squirrels into the park this year. They hope that the numbers of native red squirrels will increase each year. We planted 25 hazel trees. As these trees grow, they will provide nuts for the squirrels.

The area that we were planting in was very wet and boggy. We also planted 25 alder trees. These will help to prevent flooding in the future.

We were given some trees to take home with us. Over the next Few weeks Mr Dempster will be helping us to plant these around our school grounds.