Primary 1 Induction Sept 2020

Welcome to this area of the website made especially for new Primary One children (and parents) who will be joining our school in September 2020.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with information about your child’s introduction to St. MacNissi’s Primary School. This information and accompanying booklet/video complements the School Prospectus which is issued to all new parents. We hope the transition to Primary One is a happy and enjoyable experience.

Our aim in St. MacNissi’s is to offer your child a happy, caring environment, which caters for individual needs through all areas of the curriculum.
On behalf of everyone here at St. MacNissi’s, we hope that we will be able to work closely together so that your child will have an enjoyable and successful time at our school. Rest assured your child is at the heart of everything we endeavour to do here for the benefit of all children.

Welcome from P1 teacher Mrs Bergin
“My name is Mrs Bergin and I will be your new Primary One teacher.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you to my class. We are going to learn so many new and exciting things this year and we will work together as a classroom family.

We will be spending alot of time together so it is very important to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion. Each of you have a different brain so you will learn and think differently. It is my job as your teacher to help you grow as a learner and as a person of good character.

I can’t wait to meet each of you and I promise we will have a great year together!”

Intake Arrangements
Covid-19: Please note dates/times may be subject to change as further direction is received from the Department of Education. Such direction may impact when our new term begins and how a blended approach to learning may take place (combination of possible part time learning in school and online).

Children will be admitted in two small groups for two days only:
Thursday 27th August 2020 – Group 1 only attend from 9.00-11.30am
Group 1 = Any children with siblings already at the school

Friday 28th August 2020 – Group 2 only attend from 9.00 – 11.30am
Group 2 = Children with no siblings at the school

(School is closed on Monday 31st August for Bank Holiday)

All Primary 1 children will attend together from Tuesday 1st September 2020

The school day can be long for young children so from Tuesday 1st September 2020 until Friday 11th September 2020, all children will attend from 9.00-12.00 noon.

From Monday 14th September 2020, all children will remain in school for the full day 9.00 – 2.00pm (staggered finish times may be in operation across the school)

Please view the Induction Booklet below or watch the short video to learn more about your child starting St. MacNissi’s (both contain the same information)

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

P1 Induction Booklet Sept 2020