Another Accelerated Reader Word Millionaire!

We have another millionaire in our midst…congratulations to Katie Baxter in Primary 6!

Katie joins Conor (P7) and Amber (P6) in our word millionaire club.

I, along with all your teachers are super impressed with all your efforts. Collectively, as a school, you have now read an amazing 9,752,920 words!! Wow!

I cannot wait to see who joins our millionaire club next…it could be you!

Mr J McComb
Acting Principal

Free School Meals

The Education Authority have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions on their website to assist parents/ guardians who may have queries regarding Free School Meals provision.

For further information click here:

If you already submitted your bank details previously to the Education Authority and they have not changed then you do NOT need to complete the form below:

If your bank details have changed from those previously advised to the Education Authority, then you need to complete the form below in order to update them:

Payments will commence week commencing 30th March and continue fortnightly. Not all payments will be made on the same day and it is expected it will take 10 days for payments to reach all recipients.

If you have any queries in relation to free school meals payments please email:

A message from Mr McComb

I miss you!

One week over and wasn’t it weird? It certainly was for me. It is so strange not being in school with you all. I miss school. I miss you. I miss how proud I am of you all when you walk so well through the school, when you use such wonderful manners, when you have such fun in the playgrounds with your friends from your class and from other classes in school too. I miss our chats in the canteen and calling into your classroom to speak with you when there’s important news. I miss working with you in your classrooms or covering your teacher when they have to go to a meeting. Friday assembly is something I really loved. Being able to see everyone together was first class. Awarding lots of you with our Star Awards, Principal’s Award and many other awards was a very important part of school for me. Special assemblies were my favourite. Seeing each class deliver a very important message in front of their very proud families was amazing. The “You’ve Been Framed by Mr McComb” awards only happened a few times but we’ll get back to them when everything gets back to normal. Everything will return to normal, but for now we’re doing what we’re told and we’re staying at home. Please stay at home.

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