Bug Club

As part of our contingency planning in the event of a move to online learning, the school has invested in two new online learning platforms – Bug Club and The Maths Factor to complement our existing online learning platforms – Accelerated Reader, MyOn, Purple Mash and Lexia.

Bug Club is a literacy reading program designed to support the effective and engaging teaching of reading for pupils. Teachers can plan, allocate and assess reading all in one place. Primarily, our P1 – P3 pupils will use Bug Club (with Accelerated Reader in place for P4 – P7 pupils).

Bug Club combines over 300 e-books. Every e-book comes with embedded activities to engage children further and encourage deeper learning. All embedded activities are trackable which helps your child’s teacher to develop a better understanding of your child’s progress. For every completed activity children are rewarded with coins. Children can see how many coins they have in their treasure chest and can go to the rewards area to spend their coins. As children complete e-books they build up a library, so they can return and re-read their favourite books. Staff will receive training in the use of this platform on Monday afternoon.

Parents can view a YouTube tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtKPKFsjPNM which explains how it is used.