Microsoft Office for Students – Download at Home

Microsoft Office-Students

Students are now able to download the full version of Microsoft Office for PC or Mac free of charge with their C2k username for installation on up to 5 personal and home computers. This is a straightforward process. Instructions can be found here: EN082 – Downloading Microsoft Office for students

1. From the computer you wish to install Microsoft Office on, log in to MySchool ( and click the OneDrive icon.

2. This opens the Office 365 home page where the install link appears below the Office Online buttons. Click Install to start the process.
NB. At this stage a number of the Office Online items remain greyed out as this functionality has not yet been enabled. These will become available in early 2015.

3. From the Install page, the appropriate version of Office should be selected before clicking the Install button.

4. This downloads a small installer file. Select Run to continue.
Once installed, the installation of the full Office suite will start. Please note, this is a large file (3Gb) and as such installation can take some time.

5.  When prompted to activate the software, pupils should enter their username in the format: <username>
Please note this requires the domain and NOT

6. To complete installation, a student will be asked to sign in. Again, the format is and the password is a student’s normal C2k password.

1. The installation of Office will remain available while a student’s C2k username remains active. i.e. When a student leaves school, their C2k username will cease to be valid and the Office product will revert to a read-only version.

2. Each user can install Office on up to 5 devices. These can be a combination of PC and Mac.

3. If a user installs Office on a 6th device, the software will remain as read-only until one of the previous 5 installations is deactivated. To deactivate an installation, go to the Office 365 settings page and select Software – Install and manage software and then follow the instructions.

4. Access to mobile applications has not yet been enabled